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Meet the Animals



Gabe was born on a Shire farm with genetic abnormalities, unable to register him, they planned to sell him to a zoo for meat. CT Draft Horse Rescue saved him & provided the surgery he needed.  We adopted from CDHR to make room for more horses.  He is a gentle giant and very fond of kisses.

omen 0.jpg


Omen was rescued from the kill pen by a loving man, but he was unable to care for him long term, so Omen was sent to CT Draft Horse Rescue.  He was adopted out several times but ended up back at the rescue through no fault of his own, that's when he came to us.   The key to this gorgeous guys heart is a good neck scratch.



Molly was an Amish workhorse in PA until she became lame.  A farmer purchased her for resale at auction, most likely by the pound for meat. Often female horses are impregnated to add weight to the scale and money to the pocket. Upon her arrival at our sanctuary Molly was pregnant, terribly malnourished, had a hoof abscess & trembled when touched.
She delivered a healthy filly in Spring of 2021.  



Sonny & Lucy, or "the Minis" as they are affectionately called, were rescued from a hoarding situation by Gerda’s Animal Aid.  We took them in to make room for more rescues at Gerda's.  Don't let their compact statures fool you, these two cuties rule the pasture!

Randy 6.jpg


Randall was rescued from the kill pen at an auction by a kind young woman.  She could not provide a permanent home for him so we agreed to take him in.  Randall was very skittish in the beginning, but has developed a true friendship with Molly, and as a result has blossomed into a confident, and dare we say very handsome, young mule.



Duke & Tootsie came from MSPCA at Nevins Farm.  They LOVE belly rubs and napping almost as much as they love snacking.  If you visit the sanctuary they are sure to greet you, as they are the friendliest & most curious little pot belly pigs you'll ever meet.

Keith & Kenny_edited.jpg


Keith and Kenny were surrendered by their owner due to the pandemic.  Despite their robust and healthy frames, these boys are actually Nigerian dwarf goats.  They are the most polite & well behaved goats in residence.

Oakley & Frances_edited.jpg


Oakley & Francis were owner surrenders  from a goat farm in VA.  Oakley is our largest goat weighing in at about 150 lbs.  He is a super love bug and will tug relentlessly on your sleeve until you scratch his cheeks.  Francis is a world  renowned jumper, easily escaping the highest of pen walls.  They are parents to Noah.



Noah was also an owner surrender from the VA goat farm, and just a wee kid when he arrived at the sanctuary.  Having been showered with attention and love by volunteers he has grown into a very charming & affectionate goat.

Vincent & Buttercup_edited_edited.jpg


Oakley is also proud Papa to these little twin mischief makers, Vincent & Buttercup.  They were born at our sanctuary shortly after the VA goat family arrived.  Buttercup was born first, Vincent second.  His birth was a difficult one, and volunteers had to intervene.  His legs needed to be tapped for a few days to help him stand & walk properly.  The twins are growing quickly & can be found most days frolicking in the yard.

Teddy 6_edited.jpg


Teddy was rejected by his mother at a meat farm & never received the vital colostrum necessary for a healthy immune system.  He wasn't found for 3 days following his birth, during which time he fell victim to the elements.   He had several abscesses, a persistent open wound on his back due to insect infestation & urinary tract scar tissue. Several attempts were made to drain the abscesses & repair the scar tissue build up, but ultimately he required surgery.  Today Teddy is a thriving young steer thanks to our generous donors.

Ollie by golly.jpg


Ollie is younger, but much bigger than Teddy.  Cows are natural herd animals and Ollie was brought on to keep Teddy company and teach him how to be a proper steer.  The boys are happiest out exploring the field together.  Watching their friendship grow has been a heartwarming privilege.


Little Shootie was an owner surrender.  He lived quite the pampered indoor life prior to the sanctuary, but he is adjusting nicely to barn living.  His previous owners visit him regularly where he is showered with love, treats and stroller rides.  This boy is sassy but oh so lovable!



Our hill town kids hail from Blandford.  Upon their arrival they were very wary of human contact, but after much patience and TLC they've come around beautifully.  They are our smallest goat guests, be sure to check out their beautiful blue eyes when you visit.


Davi is an owner surrendered house goat.  He has acclimated very well to barn living and the tiny mischievous goat in a coat is a volunteer favorite!



This little gal came to the farm, straight from her Princess themed bedroom, when her human was transferred across the country for work.  It was a very sad parting of ways but Olga is thriving with lots of love from our volunteers.


This little guy was born on a dairy farm where male calf are dispatched very early in life.  We were contacted to foster Huey, but we're pretty sure this will be a foster fail, as he has captured the hearts of every volunteer with his kisses and silly personality.  We cant wait to see him grow!

fred & rita 2_edited.jpg


Fred & Rita are new owner surrenders to the sanctuary.  They are distinctive for the basal knob on top of their heads.  Their hobbies include lounging pool side and chasing the volunteers.

Barn Birds.jpg


This gorgeous trio can be found greeting guests every Saturday.   Roxie, Avery and  Eddie prefer barn living and the company of our volunteers over Gen Pop.  



This girl is a fairly new  addition to the farm family.  This lovely lady was an owner surrender and was very gentle and sweet from day one.  

LJ 2.jpg


OK, so at 258# he's not so little, but his heart is as big as he his.  Joe can be found most days rolling over for a belly rub, be sure to say hi to this happy boy!



Petunia joined the family when her bonded partner passed away, she needed the comfort of other animals to thrive, and so we took her in.  She's a wonderful girl and Manny was thrilled to have another sheep in the pasture.

Coca & Manny.jpg


This dynamic duo were just mere months old when they were saved by a good Samaritan from the slaughter house.  They spent some time in quarantine and were slowly introduced to the rest of our big goat family, they are doing great in gen pop.



This little one was separated from her mom right after birth.  She came to us at just 3 weeks old and was bottle fed until she got a bit bigger.  Today she is thriving and on her way to being a tall graceful lady.



This handsome little fellow was about to be euthanized when West Springfield Animal Control reached out.  He's living the good life at the sanctuary now.



Hand raised from eggs these four boys happily roam the grounds each day, they love munching on meal worms & taking a cool dip on hot summer days.

Baby Turkey_edited_edited.jpg

Turkeys, Chicks & Roosters

Late summer 2021 we had an owner surrendered flock of baby turkeys, chickens & roosters arrive.  The gal pictured is quite a ham, never misses a photo op.  But trying to get the rest of them to all sit still for a nice picture is proving to be difficult indeed! So stop on by & meet them all during visiting hours!



These petite & sweet cutie pies came from the eastern end of MA, unfortunately their owner could no longer keep them.  The girls are settled in and having a good time with the herd!

FAB 4A.jpg


These little love bugs came from an over population situation, the owner asked for help when the breeding was getting out of control.  Dexter, Socks, Buttons & Maddie have warmed up quite nicely to the volunteers, always hamming it up for a snack or a cuddle. Getting them all to sit still for a photo op is another story though - you'll have to visit to catch them all!



Hazel came from the same spot as the Fab 4, but in her delicate condition we had to give her her very own space.  Soon enough there were these 2 pint sized cuties.  Would you look at those little tails!  They are thriving & getting big so quick! 

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