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Whip City Animal Sanctuary

Working Towards a Brighter Future for Animals in Need


Official Announcement

We are pleased to introduce you to our two newest and tiniest residents. 

Over the summer we received a request for assistance with a piggy population explosion.  Four of the five little black cuties we took in were female, and we would be lying if we said we weren’t more than a little concerned that one of more of them might be expecting.  Sows can give birth to up to 10 piglets at a time!.

So we calculated gestation periods and determined a window for when we could expect any piglets to arrive.  We carefully observed and monitored each day for weight gain and nesting behavior.    

Well, as it turned out only the Marvelous Ms. Hazel was expecting.

As the days grew closer and Hazel got bigger & bigger, we separated her from the drift and relocated her to a comfy private birthing suite.  Sure enough On November 8, 2023 she welcomed a small littler into this world.  Unfortunately, the reality is the mortality rate for newborn piglets is quite high and not all of our precious piglets made it.  This was such a devastating blow to the hearts of our amazing volunteers who had been caring for Hazel along her journey to motherhood.

But two of those piglets did survive, and to the joy and wonderment of all of us here at WCAS they are thriving!  So without further ado, please help us welcome to the world Kevin Bacon and John Hamm!

They are looking forward to seeing you on the next visiting day!

Public Visiting Hours

Saturdays & Sundays

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
232 Montgomery Road,

Westfield, MA



Here at Whip City Animal Sanctuary we take great pride in providing excellent care for our farm friends.  Part of that equation includes understanding the physical space our friends need, as well as anticipating their future food and veterinary needs, and making sure we have adequate funds to provide all of these.


At this time we are at maximum capacity and are not accepting new residents, but instead focusing on providing the best care we can for the animals that live here.

In the future we may accept more surrenders. 

Any new surrender will be subject to animal assessment, home check, vet check and monetary pledge.  

Thank you for understanding and helping us support our mission.

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Get in touch with Whip City Animal Sanctuary to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

232 Montgomery Road 
Westfield, MA 01085

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